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              How do I choose an aluminum alloy curtain rod?

              2018-10-10 10:01:39

              Curtain rods, which we often say about the installation of curtains, professionally say that it is called curtain track, the material is mainly metal and wood. Solid wood curtain rods, steel tube curtain rods, aluminum alloy curtain rods, and plastic steel curtain rods are the more common curtain rods on the market.

              In daily life, the aluminum alloy curtain rods are used at a relatively high frequency. Compared with other materials, the highlight of the aluminum alloy curtains is that they have a soft characteristic and can be bent greatly. However, if you want to choose a satisfactory aluminum alloy curtain rod, you still have to carefully select it. It can be considered from the following five aspects.

              1. Brand orientation: Brands are actually a kind of consciousness. No matter what kind of products are purchased, consumers will tend to be more famous brands. The quality, service and user feedback of well-known brands will become a subconscious decision.

              2, style tone-oriented: the eye is the window of the soul, and the curtain is like the existence of the eyes in the house, it projects the taste of the home owner's life. In the modern home life, the bright bar can meet the trend of modern “light decoration and heavy decoration” because it can see the color of the pole and the decorative head, and it is more and more popular by the audience. When choosing the curtain rod, it is necessary to combine the color of the window cover (preferably the curtain rod and the window cover are similar in color), the home design style and the color tone consideration, and pursue the harmony of beauty.

              3. Thickness of the rod wall: There are many aluminum alloy curtain rods on the market. The hardness is not high and can be greatly bent. When selecting, the thickness of the rod wall is mainly seen. The thickness of the rod wall is preferably between 1.0mm and 1.3mm.

              4, look at the surface: the surface of the rod is relatively smooth, the metal texture is obvious, can be better with a variety of color curtains.

              5, look at the pull ring: the current market mainly uses recycled plastic pull ring, its manufacturing process is rough, and recycled plastic is easy to age and break, not wear-resistant. Many aluminum alloy rods have a sound-damping strip, but the sound-absorbing strip material is mainly made of plastic and is not durable. It needs special attention when selecting.

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